Currently I am offering what I refer to as a “STANDARD READING”.

It can be general (“Tell me what I need to know at this time”), or you may ask a specific question.

I will perform your reading and email the results to you within 48 hours.


Custom Majick spells


I am not a great believer in things mystical. At the time I received my first reading from Delilah, I was at a turning point in my life. I knew what actions I needed to take to put myself on the right track, but I needed encouragement and reassurance. The reading confirmed what I knew in my heart and helped me to have the confidence and strength to persevere. I'm still skeptical about a lot of things, but not about the valuable feedback I received through my Tarot reading. It really helped!
     ~ E.R., Charlotte, NC

It was after my sister’s death in June of 2002 that I found Delilah.  I had never had a Tarot reading before, and I wasn’t sure it was for me.  From that first reading until now, Delilah’s personal readings have been a calming assurance and reassurance for me in my times of sadness and with difficulties with life and work.  Delilah’s gift is her artistry, love, belief, and spirituality, and I thank her for that.
     ~ D.W., Charlotte, NC

I've had several tarot readings by Delilah and have found them to be impressive in their accuracy.  The readings have provided me some insight, often bringing comfort regarding questions or concerns I had at the time.  Delilah has a skill for "interpreting" what the cards may mean on a personal level.  I highly recommend Delilah's tarot readings!
     ~ T. D., New Haven, CT

I have been getting tarot readings from Delilah for more than 5 years, and they are always on the money. I think that Delilah has a wonderful gift. She is so insightful and accurate. I highly recommend her to all my friends.
     ~ C.M., Albemarle, NC

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