I've been reading Tarot cards for over thirty years. In that time, I've found the Tarot to be a useful tool--not only for encouragement and guidance through difficulty, but for learning spiritual lessons and discovering one's own true Higher Self.

PLEASE REMEMBER: YOU are the Master of your own actions. YOU have the power to run your own life. Tarot is NOT "fortune telling", but rather a sort of "traffic report." A reading can help you to make intelligent choices, so that you can deal with whatever may lie ahead.

Since I've studied Tarot for so long, I've developed my own "spreads" (methods of reading), using the traditional Ryder-Waite deck. For your personalized reading, I need to know your gender and your birthday (year is not necessary). I can give you a General ("tell me whatever I need to know at this time") Reading, or you can ask a specific question--the choice is yours.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site, and I also hope to share my love of the Tarot with you. Also, please visit my Myspace page.

Blessings to You and Yours...

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