There are several theories as to the origin of Tarot cards.

I have read that they originated in Egypt, and I have heard stories that they came from France, also from Italy, also from Romania…depending upon the source I was researching.

Whatever their true origin, it is generally agreed that they are precursors of our modern-day playing cards.

There are a total of seventy-eight cards in the Tarot deck, consisting of two sections:
The Minor Arcana (which our modern-day four-suit playing cards are based on)
and The Major Arcana (which depict a series of different characters and represent more significant “major” events and/or people in our lives).

Each card is filled with symbolism, and each is open to interpretation as to whether it refers to particular people, things, or events. How they are arranged in relation to each other in the spread also affects the interpretation and must be taken into consideration.

Your reading will be done by me personally, by hand, in real time. This can take thirty minutes to an hour depending on how complex your situation is.

I need to know the birth date (year is not necessary) and whether you are male or female.
I then use this information to select a card that represents you. For example, if your birthday is July 10, then your astrological sign is Cancer, which in turn means that you are a water sign. The suit of Cups represents water, so I would probably select the King or Queen of Cups (depending on your sex) as your “Significator” or “Querent” Card—Your Card.

I shuffle the cards, while concentrating on you and your question, until the cards “feel right”. Then I count through the deck until I come to Your Card. The sequence number of Your Card is used numerologically to determine the “tone” of the reading.

Tarot reading spreadThe cards are then laid out in a pattern. Your Card goes into the center first, surrounded by the cards that “follow” Your Card. This is called a “spread", and I interpret it to help you with your question.

Click the spread image to see a larger version.


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